Overwhelmed, Decisions to make


Well, sadly, I have come to the crossroads that all bloggers seem to come to at some point. Picking and choosing who to continue to follow.  I detest this, I really do, but my blogosphere experience has become overwhelming.  If anyone one has noticed that Barney has been a little quiet this last week or so it’s because I have become overwhelmed. At the present time I follow sixty-three blogs. Not surprisingly I can’t keep up! And I feel bad when I can’t even give a post a quick once over and click on like.  That’s not how Barney rolls.  I read and reread, mull it over a bit and then take some time to think about a comment before I push post. It is too much and too hard because I like reading what all sixty-three of you have to say.  I started following each and every one of you because something you said resonated in my core. So for my own well being I have decided that I have to thin out my following list and this will not be easy.  In my head I’m thinking I need to get it down to thirty but I don’t know.  Some of you are prolific and others not so much, that just makes it more difficult.  All this to say:


This hurts, it really does, it has just become too unmanageable. If you see that I have disappeared from your follow list please don’t take it personal.  I will probably be dropping in from time to time to see whats’up!

Blessings, Barney





12 thoughts on “Overwhelmed, Decisions to make

  1. Thank you Dana, I have never been any good at taking care of myself, not surprising for someone with no sense of self worth. So this is a big and important step for me. That being said I look forward to seeing what direction your camera is pointed on a regular basis. And don’t be surprised if I request to use a photo of yours in my blog at some point in the future. ❤ Barney

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  2. Take care of you…that is most important. Hey, my blogging time will be cut short next week, my last semester at the present college and then I am running way (wink—my folks said, “Your going to be 50 years old Linda! How dare you leave your family!”) to a Univ. in Pennsylvania for 12 months, giggling. ANYWAYS…Barn…YOU TAKE CARE, YOU HEAR ME. Big hugs.


  3. It’s thoughtful that you explain why you’re following less blogs, that shows sensitivity and kindness 😊 Explanations aren’t neccesary though. Following, reading and commenting on blogs CAN become stressful on top of your blogging and your daily life. I hardly follow any blogs and it has made my life feel a lot less pressured 🙂 Hugs Barn, and also sorry you lost the comment that I left on the last post. I haven’t emailed as I’ve literally been so crazily busy. It’s 4.28am here and I’m only just catching up on reading my small number of blogs 😂 PS. I’m getting a blog post published for Mind woop 🙌….so on top of my radio interview I’m really proud of myself right about now 😊😊😊 Hugs X I’ll chat to you soon. Just on a spa weekend with hubby g 🙂


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