“Clinging to Hope and Faith”


This is something altogether new for me, actually two new things, writing a blog post in response to the daily prompt and writing when I am relatively happy.  See there! I had to qualify happy because claiming I am happy would be unlike me, the eternal optimistic pessimist, whatever that means.  Not even sure how to link this but I’m going to charge ahead anyhoo! 

Normally when I see the daily prompt pop up in the reader I dismiss it but today’s really resonated with me.  I am known to sign emails and sometimes even comments with Hope and Faith.  More often than not I am hanging on to Hope and Faith by my fingernails or with a white-knuckled death grip. Often believing simply that if I live long enough or if just enough time passes by that things, and by that I mean, my depression and anxiety, my ADD, my relationship with my wife or my sexless marriage or even my porn addiction will take a turn for the better.  Sometimes all I have and I mean, ALL I have, is Hope and Faith and not much of that.

Now when I started this blog I did not want it to be a Quote/Unquote Christian Blog.  Some of the ones I had seen were too Pie in the Sky, Peachy Keen for me.  More often than not life is not a bed of roses and pain-free, even if there are those who profess the contrary.  My life has been filled with pain and suffering, debilitating depression and constant thoughts of suicide. I wanted my writing to be real, honest and when I think necessary,  terribly blunt but more than that I wanted it to be real. I have issues, flaws, I have made some terrible mistakes in my life and to be frank, I don’t want to end that way. I have decided that I want to finish strong. I want to get back on my feet and get in the race.

So that means taking on real life; a failing relationship, a sexless marriage, like I mean no Whoopee! for twenty years, yea I know, time passes quickly when you are not having fun, an addiction to porn and compulsive masturbation, Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder, shall I go on?  No? Ok, let’s just say I am a mess.  Only recently I have become Ok with that and by that I mean I can accept it.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, my addictions aren’t simply going to disappear overnight without  a lot of struggle and work on my part, I certainly won’t have the perfect marriage by next week and my wife isn’t going to suddenly strip off while dragging me into the bedroom while yelling “I need you Baby, Now!”  But one can certainly dream! Oh Yea!  One can dream, or would that be a fantasy?!

In any event I am going to cling to my Hope and Faith, finger-tip, white-knuckled death grip and all. As for being a Christian Blog.  I am a Believer, a sinner saved by Grace, and I will not deny my God and the fact that He is at work in my life, working a miracle in my heart if  you will. You can take that any way you want but I do want to leave you with this.


So now how do I link this, is that to the daily prompt in the reader? I have no clue, I’m not sure but I will give that a shot, if I am wrong and you do want to comment please do so through my email at outofthebogandthemire@gmail.com   Daily prompt link



9 thoughts on ““Clinging to Hope and Faith”

  1. And you Sis! I am Blessed to know you. It felt really good to right about the Truth. Still gotta right about “Real” life. Did you ever check out Summer Imani, She could be your daughter! Check out her latest post “F***ed Off” at Summerstartstoshine.wordpress. It is raw, honest and hilarious in a very British way. Her writing style is incredibly unique and creative and this one includes her own sharpie illustrations. Love ya 💞😆, Barney

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  2. Thanks for the blog advert lol 😂 I loved this post. Strongly written, funny and passionate. Very real. You’re taking after me! 🙌 Your next post has to be fully hand written in sharpie ok 😁 💜

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  3. Haha, you are definitely a big influence but I don’ t know if I could pull that off without you being my ghost illustrator! You have a very unique gift for communication that I would be hard pressed to copy. You are very Shiney in that regard ” Yea! Baby, Now! ” That would be very comical in a stick figure illustration – me trying to visialize female stick figure stipping – Haha ! Naked stick figures are funny, horny male stuck figures are very simple as well as simple minded, only room for one thought in that tiny stick figure pea brain. YEAH, baby!!!!!! Now ya dunnit! My head is filled with the “Kama Sutra Stick Figure Style! WHOA! #XXXStickFigureFun


  4. I love your honesty! I think showing that you still struggle with life even though you are a Christian is more welcoming to people that don’t truly understand the faith than somebody who runs around acting holier than thou. Being a Christian only means you have a Heavenly Father to give you the strength to make it through life’s trials, it doesn’t mean your life suddenly becomes perfect. Please keep sharing your experiences!

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    • Hey FLD I appreciate your kind words and encouragement. It really means alot! I hesitated at first to write that post, I am no fan of hypicritical christians who pretend to have their act together. That is not the truth and if I remember correctly the Word says that it is the Truth that will set you free! I’m going to check out your blog, thanks for reading. 🙂 barney

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  5. “A great crisis experience of Jesus Christ, as important and eternally valuable as this is, is not a shortcut to emotional health. It is not a quickie cure for personality problems.

    It is necessary that we understand this, first of all, so that we can compassionately live with ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to work with special healing in our own hurts and confusions.”

    That’s an excerpt from a book I’m currently reading, entitled “Healing for Damaged Emotions”

    I just wanted to share because you’re right. There are Christians who put the happy faces on, in denial of our weaknesses. In reality, most of us take weeks or years to overcome certain things. It’s not an overnight thing.

    The whole point of needing a Savior is because we can’t save ourselves from everything that’s wrong within us and around us. We’re imperfect people, but we can do what our best to live a good life, as you said ‘finish strong’.

    Clinging on to hope and faith is one of the best things to do..

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