Spike in Alcohol Consumption


Haha! Just got back from Wally World  to stock up on a few items to weather the storm. Did I say storm?  How about Blizzard?  Lots of snow and 40 knot winds on the coast. First time I’ve heard that term since the storm in March of 1980, yea, I have a little bit of mileage on me. Here in the mid-atlantic they are talking 12-15 inches, maybe 18 inches in some places but then again I can change the channel and get something different.

I listened to the local weather at 6:30 and the anchor signed off by advising everyone to stock up on beer. I had to laugh and then got up and told M I was heading to the grocery store. I’m guessing 5,00o other residents of our fair resort city did the same thing and judging by the lines at Wally World we all went to the same store. Haha! We passed the time trading recipes for cocktails and wine coolers.  I’m guessing some people should be buying condoms because the maternity wards will be busy in nine months and their memory will be real fuzzy.  Which leads me to my purchase, a six pack of Bud Light platinum, and a Seagram’s Peach Fuzzy Navel.  Gonna be a lot of drunken navel exploration going on in the near future.


I’m guessing this is how the navel exploration will be fueled! Beer Pong! Haha! Stay thirsty my friend and warm.


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