Damn Remote


'Do you think we need more conversation in our relationship?'



or lack thereof

it’s what my marriage

is made of

the television

i despise it

it always seems

to come between

nothing real about the audio and pixels

HD, 3D or 4K

7:1 artificial reality

like a thief

it robs us blind

of other possibilities

my heart cries out

to know you

body, soul and mind

instead of your favorite buttons

on the damn remoteΒ 



17 thoughts on “Damn Remote

    • I just showed it to her. She is upset, says I am blaming her. I told her no, it’s my fault, I drove her way with the porn, she said it’s all she had, I get it, when I was in the deepest of the depression I totally shut down emotionally like throwing a switch. Now that I have turned the switch back on I’m sure it is very confusing for her. The poem has got us talking and that is always good I just have to find a way to let her know that I am not blaming her and it is not her fault! πŸ˜―πŸ€”πŸ˜£

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      • I can understand it from both perspectives. I’m not going to say sides, as that infers one is right and one is wrong. Can you communicate to your wife that in all of this there is responsibility on both sides for the situation you’ve got into. But you are both team players, on the same team! Not adversaries who point fingers and blame the other. You are two people trying to figure out, as adults, what changes can happen that will facilitate the rebuilding of your relationship. I am doing this exact thing right now with my husband!!! I understand 😘 Sending good vibes your way. 😊

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  1. I just ordered it and have been O’ding on youtube HSP video
    s for three days. It has been like turning on a spotlight of enlightenment. Mix that with ADD, depression and anxiety and I’m surprised I didn’t just blow up like fire in an oxygen plant. I’m emotionally wrung-out


    • yup, kinda hard, I keep telling her I would rather do anything than watch tv, I mean I have favorite shows too but i think I would rather quilt Than get stuck in front of that thing.

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      • We are news junkies so we watch news, we like one comedy and then it’s movies we choose together on DVD. So maybe 20 hours a week it’s on when D’s home.

        That idiot box is never on while it’s just me. Can’t stand the distraction any more. That’s a very big, conscious change for us about eight years ago. I’d rather read or talk to D.


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