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Well, it happened a whole lot faster than I ever thought. In two and a half hours I will be sitting in a therapists office for the first time in probably seventeen years. This guy comes highly recommended and still I am as nervous as I have ever been. I called yesterday to set up the appointment and the soonest I could get in is the first week of November so I asked to go on the cancellation list.  Don’t you know his office called this morning with a late afternoon opening and I have been stewing in nervous juice ever since.

Not this quick! I haven’t even had a chance to wrap my head around this move.  I have read some horror stories recently about therapists so despite the recommendations I am filled with trepidation. I even thought of calling back and cancelling the cancellation appointment. I cringe at the thought of sitting face to face with another person, a live person, and spilling all this muck in my head.  Sometime I wonder if it’s even real, what happened to me. My stomach is in a knot and I feel numb.  I don’t know if I am more afraid of what I will say or what I will learn, probably both. I know that this visit will be the toughest so I guess I will just white-knuckle it, I have been doing that my whole life.




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  1. White knuckling it is the only way. Sometimes being thrown in like that can be a *good* thing. I am wishing you 100% success in this and mentally I am there with you in that office, maybe that’ll make you more nervous lol 😉 The first appointment is always an awkward social occasion, one to get through, for you to get a feel for him. Recommendations are good to go by, though make your own mind up. You’ll probably decide in the first few seconds if this is the therapist for you. Gut feels are not to be ignored I reckon. Best of luck hun-you’re in my thoughts and I look forward to the verdict tomorrow 🙂

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  2. Hanging tight Rita, It went well, I like him but can’t get another apt. till Nov 16th so I’m dependant on cancellations for the next couple of weeks. I haven’t shared this online but after my anxiety attack I came to realize that my recovery and my marriage are more important than a particular job. So I’ve quit the transit company and found a job driving a dump truck starting next week. I will have regular hours and low stress. It might just be temporary until the program ends in late January. At any rate my stress level plummeted after I made the decision and I’m more focused on my recovery. I am so much happier! 😊 Can’t thank you enough for your love, support and encouragement! ❤🌹😆 Barney

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      • Thank you Tiff, truth be told I’m still a little nervous. Now the real work begins. He did ask some probing questions that I hadn’t considered before so I am encouraged. He is also my age or older, been in practice a long time. I am not his first rodeo. On top of that he is not a traditional therapist. He uses Transformational Prayer counseling or what was once called Theophostic Prayer Counseling. I plan on doing a post on this but basically instead of using hypnosis to take you back to the trauma and source of the pain, through prayer we ask the Holy Spirit to take me back and reveal it to me so I can seek healing from Jesus. This is a huge spiritual step for me and one that also deals with my trust issues. Thank you for your Love and support! ❤😆 Barn

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