Joy and Glee

little girl in the rain

Joy and Glee

i sit here on the porch

watching the rain fall in the court

the sun has yet to rise

and it’s actually cold outside

the undulating wind

drives the rain sideways

the mist coats my face

i’m shivering

in my boxers and t-shirt

thinking about hope and faith

how is it i can cling so hard

to something i have so little of?

how do i get by?

the rain

i hear it rushing through the downspout

and i imagine a child

jumping in the puddles

face to the sky

drinking from the downspout

laughing, grinning

heart filled with joy and glee

why is it so difficult for me

to drink of God’s Love

to truly accept

that He loves me

accepts me

forgives me

the timer goes off

i drink deeply of the chai

its’ warmth

permeates my body

almost stops the shivering

i gaze out from the porch

now I can really see the sheets of rain

flying across the court

as the darkness gives way

to a lighter shade of gloom

I don’t know what this day will bring

but i will continue to cling

to my hope and faith


a child’s heart

full of Joy and Glee


9 thoughts on “Joy and Glee

  1. That’s it, Barn. (Matthew 18:3 – He’s speaking to you right now!). Read it then dance like David, my beloved brother🙏🏼❤️

    Seems You are the reason I was awakened at 4:45am from a deep sleep with this thought. Much love.

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    • Thank you Rita, Dance I will, but I have some hard work to do first. Hopefully I can dance a little jig every now and then, when I’m not wiping away the tears. I love that verse, to just trust, like an innocent child. Can’t believe I’m still struggling with this at 62! But I can’t give up till I take my last breath! 😇 Barney

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      • Barn, it’s the fight of faith and you are not alone in this battle. Anyone willing to be vulnerable and honest will admit they fight some battle every day. Keep up the good fight. But don’t forget this VERY IMPORTANT detail! Hebrews 8:12- the Sea of Forgetfulness, my friend, is where every failure you’ve admitted has been tossed. It’s we who must keep walking with joy having released the burden like an old backpack. And there are NO limits on visits to the shoreline for tossing them there – mercy is NEW EVERY MORNING ❤️

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      • Yes you do! New Every Morning! Every Morning. Forgiveness literally means DEBT CANCELLED. You’ve asked my brother – it’s done.

        Let yourself off the Merry go round of guilt. It’s NOT coming from God. He is NOT the author of confusion.

        The only one bringing it up is the enemy of our souls and we both know where he can go.

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      • One of my favorite verses is this: Psalm 119:11. It’s a reminder for me. You know I left religion a long time ago. I’ve no use for it. But I didn’t pack up my faith, Barn. It came with me. It works for me – always has, always will.


  2. It is our work here it be happy and trusting again like children. Instead we were taught by fear filled adults to not trust the innocent love in our hearts (as they were taught the same).
    Faith is that the sun still exists when all we see are rain clouds and storms. When we risen above the clouds we see the sun is still shining. ☀️☀️☀️

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  3. Tiffany, I can always count on you to say something Beautiful and filled with Truth. That is God shining on us from above the clouds! Thank you! ❤️🙏 Barney


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