Milady (in Gratitude)

This is the poem that started it all, that turned me into a blogger  It was written to Tiffany and she asked if she could post it on I was honored. I still am but even more so I am appreciative of her love and support, not just with the blog but in my personal journey and my efforts to rekindle my marriage.  I also want to give a shout out to Rita, the two of them tag teamed me LOL! I had no choice but to start a blog! Thank you Ladies, I am forever grateful!

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“Milady” (In Gratitude)

Thank you Milady,
For helping me unlock my heart.
I had locked it up in fear and fright
afraid to feel, to even move,
afraid to lose what I didn’t have
But mostly afraid I didn’t have what it took to fight
To win back the love I had lost, my wife.
You have inspired me to take on the fight of my life
To win her heart again
When the darkness had come again
And despair was overwhelming
You were placed in my path,
to shine a light behind the façade
I presented to the world
You shone your light high,
Revealing the rocky path you are traveling,
Baring your soul, your heartache, unimaginable despair
Pain and suffering
Most importantly
Your fierce will, your courage
and your desire to live
I thank God for you!
We are all but single candles
Burning in the night

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