Words escape me

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I had planned to post another poem today but the news I heard after returning from a Sunday breakfast with family and friends and my newest grandson, Crosby, has changed all that. As a retired law enforcement officer with twenty-five years service to my community my first thought was for the safety of my brothers and sisters in blue who are still serving and putting their lives on the line, often times for citizens who hold only ill-will towards them. At this moment my emotions are bouncing back and forth between incredible sadness and grief and anger. However I know the answer for America comes not in anger and seeking vengeance, but in seeking the very face of God, seeking His Peace, and His love for one another.  We, as a people, of all races, creeds and colors, American citizens all, need to stand up to the hate-mongers who spew the politics of hate in pursuit of their own agenda.   I believe we can best do this by pulling together in love and respect and not allowing the hate-mongers to pull us apart.

I could go on and on but instead I will leave you with this, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God”  Matthew 5:9.  Please Pray for our nation, for the men and women of Law Enforcement, for our government and community leaders and all those who will take to the airwaves with an opinion to espouse. And especially for the families and friends of the officers who lost their lives today.


4 thoughts on “Words escape me

  1. Oh, Barney! I’m so weary of it all. I’m so tired of the bloodshed. The hatred. The ignorance. The intolerance.



  2. There you are!! Do you know that your blog address that is listed on your name comes up outoftheogandmore (then I was trying to rack my brain from visiting you before…nonetheless, there you are, smiles)

    We are so weary….I am married to a former Marine-MP….and I am just going to say it, Blue Lives Matter, that isn’t hate speech by the way…(don’t get me going)—

    Congratulations to your new grandson, by the way, smiles. I hope to hear more about Crosby…smiles


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