The Bog and the Mire



No feelings inside

except those that are shallow

No desire

No passion

No reason to live

for today, or tomorrow

Millions of thoughts

milling about

None strong enough

to lift me from this pit

the bog and the mire

Is this, this miry clay

my final resting place?

To while away the time

the rest of my days

I pray Not

but today

I see no light

in the bog and the mire


This poem was inspired by Psalms 40 which speaks of the Lord lifting King David out of the miry clay, King James version.  The Living Bible uses the term “the bog and the mire” which I like better because it reminds me of Scotland. This poem was inspired by Psalms 40 and was the inspiration for my blog title.    Barney


2 thoughts on “The Bog and the Mire

  1. Barn, this is amazingly descriptive of the pain and hopelessness one falls into so easily. Only the beauty of HOPE can shine a light on the way out of the pit.

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  2. Yea, I’ ve always hung on to hope, I don’t know why I took so long to start crawling out of that stinking pit but I’m glad I have. Sometimes I think M is waiting for me to fall back in.


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