Words will never hurt you…..


Whoever wrote that sticks and stones crap
had a heart of stone
As a young and sensitive child
I was beaten and bruised by words
on a regular basis
I think that's why I asked my Mom years later
why she took me to Sunday School?
She told me I loved the Bible stories
Words of Peace and Love,
and now fifty years on
the pain is still real
the words stuck in my head
So Bullshit to those who claim words
will never hurt you!

In light of the tragic events in Dallas I think
it should be obvious that words do carry a lot
of weight. The Hate-mongers and those whose
subscribe to the Politics of Hate are probably
proud of themselves today. Their rhetoric created
the atmosphere in which such a tragedy could
happen. My heart and my prayers go out to all
the families and loved ones of those who were
injured and/or lost their lives and to all the
first responders as well.  May God give you the
strength to go on! What you do is important!

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